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ForceRouge is a software platform based on a WordPress core and offering a digital showcase for researchers or research groups. This web solution enables researchers and research groups to better manage their digital image and to further their scientific publications. The platform aims to be a promotion tool of news, activities, lectures, publications, conferences and media mentions.

Developed by and for researchers, ForceRouge has been designed around the major axes of promotion and evaluation of university scholars. Following its success, the solution was adapted to answer the needs of research groups as well as researcher centers in all fields of knowledge.

An Adapted Platform

News or Blog

Space to publish your news as a researcher or of the center’s, or to write a scientific blog. This zone was designed to accommodate different news or blog posts formats. The news can also be organised into personalized categories.


Record of each publication, including all the publishing informations; generating a resume of publications, allowing easy integration by search engines and Google Scholar. Publications can be organized according to genres and topics.


Record of each presentation, containing all relevant informations; generating a resume of presentations. The presentations can be organized according to topics and genres.

Media Mentions

Record of each media mention, including quotes and other relevant information; generating resume of media mentions. The media mentions can by organized by topics and genres.


Space to present your courses, disseminate information for students and upload online syllabus, class documents, organized by semesters.


Record for each Researcher, containing biography, teams, research themes, contact informations and all related contents on the website. Records generate a directory of researchers organized in customizable categories.

With preformated blogs or news


Traditional news content or blog post.


Video ou audio embed contents.


Announcement of an event or activity.


Highlighting a citation, which can be commented or not.

Highlighting of link to third-party contents.


Instead of integrating the blog/news, all events can be presented in a "Calendar" section with archives and customizable categories.

With Contextualised Content

Related Contents

It is possible to link contents all together, facilitating associations between different related productions, as a link between a conference and a publication. If the directory is enabled, it allows to affect content to researchers.


All contents can be organized by theme (i.e. research areas), keywords (i.e. expertise) and genres (i.e. publication type). All tags are defined by the user.

Images and Icons

Following the "web logic", the platform allows the use of images to feature the content. Also, all types of contents and links are identified by specific icons allowing the user to easily identify the type of visited or related content.

An Easy-to-use Platform

WordPress Core

Ease of use based on one of the most powerful and known content management system.

Zero Coding

No technical knowledge is needed to use the platform.

Intuitive Interface

Interface consisting of fields to fill (single text fields or word processing box) and check boxes facilitating the work of content editors.

A Tailored Website

Flexible Homepage

User can choose widgets and organisation of the homepage to meet their own needs.

Flexible Site

Different sections (as publication, blog, presentations, etc.) may be enabled or disabled at any time.

Customisable Site

User can customize colors, name, URL and use of different sections (publications, conferences, media,...) and tagging. Header, menus and footer are also totally customizable.


The platform was developed in order to drive the same site in several languages. The multilingual option is embedded in the heart of the platform. If no translation is available, the content in the primary language opens.
(Currentdly available in French, English and Spanish)

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Development and Funding

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ForceRouge was developped by Florian Martin-Bariteau, then LL.D. and research assistant of the Chaire d’excellence en droit de la sécurité et des affaires électroniques.

The development of the 'institution' edition of ForceRouge (directory, calendar, etc.) was partly funded by the Regroupement Droit, changements et gouvernance and the Centre de recherche en droit public at the Université de Montréal.

In 2015, with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the development team was completed by Loic Laubier to optimize the browsing experience of users on the various sites powered by ForceRouge.